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Islam and Its Alienation

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After the collapse of Soviet Union, United State became the only Super power. It wants to retain its Supremacy longer and do not let any other Nation to emerge as a super power. It always tries to fulfill its own interest. It implemented the New World Order for its own interest. Muslims are the second largest population over the World, United States fear that Muslims may not emerge as Super power, as Muslims were at the time of Ottoman Empire. People of United States are satisfied with their policy but Muslims view this policy negatively. The War against Iraq and Afghanistan was shock for Muslims. Muslims think United States want to win the European support by degrading the Muslims.

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Historical background
Muslim World remained Super power for Centuries but at different times, Muslims were very strong socially, economically and its military was large and very powerful. During the periods of Crusades Muslims were Victorian, while Western World was unable to hold Palestine for a longer time. In the First World War Muslims were United under Ottoman Empire and were against allied forces, England, France, Russia and United States. Ottoman Empire unfortunately lost the War because of its huge territory and the spread of Muslims over the World; Muslim leaders were unable to instruct the Muslims all over the World. Muslim state collapsed into pieces. Several Muslim Countries were founded on ethnic back grounds, most of them are ruled by monarchs. After Second World War United States and Soviet Union emerged as two Super Powers, World observed Bipolarity, whole World was divided into two colonies, Muslims were also divided. Some Muslim states were allies of United States and some became allies of Soviet Union. After the collapse of Soviet Union economically, United State became the only Super Power of the World and still it maintain its Unipolarity. United States met this target with the help of Muslim Jahadis and Pakistan.
United States policy makers and think tank made a plan to implement, which is known as New World Order. The purpose of this of the New World Order was to identify the hurdles which may be seen by United States if it wants to maintain its Supremacy over World for longer period, it was not only identification but it proposed remedy of New World Order, they tried to stop such things which were against their Unipolarity. New World Order brought a lot of changes in the World Map. Muslim World observed changes in maps of Palestine, Iraq and other nations. United Nation always feared the Unity of Muslim Wold because it has the capacity to emerge as a New Super Power and can become strong because it is the Second largest population on the World.
The other reason of United States`s policy towards Muslim World is Israel, United States believe Israel as its closest ally. United States always try to secure Israel what ever cost it may have to suffer even War, for example the war against Iraq was for the Security of Isreal, there were no weapons which Iraq was making, United States only had to give a reason for war.
Another reason for this can be that there is a very strong community of Jews in United States, most of Jews traveled to United States during Hitler’s rule and Holocaust. Most of the Jews hold high positions in United States. Jews are also very strong financially and socially. Israel lobby in United States enjoys a high status, Israeli lobby always try to make Israel as powerful as United States and want to have influence over the decision making of United States. Israel and United States always side each other on every issue. Israeli lobby finances election campaign of Senators, Sectarians and even President. Political parties often apply for finance from Israeli lobby to run their election campaigns; this may be why United States always goes for Israeli security and interest.
So, United States has a positive policy towards Israel. There are number of evidences to support this idea which I have mentioned in Research results.
In order to protect Israeli interests, United States provided Israel devastating weapons and nuclear capabilities and it is an open secret in the World. Iraq was attacked by United States for the second time to secure Israel and to control the oil resources. The reason given by United States to attack Iraq was weapons of mass destruction, Chemical weapons and the making of atomic energy. United States is also giving warning to Iran to secure its interests.
Oil is very essential need for United States economy and Middle East is the largest oil producing area in the World. As I mentioned earlier that United States want to retain its Unipolarity over the World for a longer period of time, to do this United States needs to stable its economy in the World and as a result United States felt that the control of Middle East is a key point for their interest. United States never wants the Arab World to grow stronger economically and militarily and to become a challenge for them, to avoid it United States has several military bases in the countries of Middle East and it keeps pressure on the respective countries and their neighbors. To achieve its goals United States keep on suppressing all Muslim countries that they may not grow stronger militarily because Muslim people all over the World share Love and sympathy for each other.
In order to achieve the objectives mentioned above United States helped monarchs to rule their respective countries and to ask for help of United States to fulfill its goals in the Middle East. This situation created hatred in the hearts of Muslims for the Americans. This hatred led to aggression which made the Muslims to attack the interest of United States. United States gave the name of “terrorism” to these attacks. United States is filling its interest by using this word “Terrorism” for example attack at Afghanistan, it share the borders with Pakistan, Iran and is near to China.
United States want to pressurize Pakistan and Iran by having military on the borders of both the countries. The right of the freedom struggle of Muslims has been denied by United States by naming the Muslim freedom fighters the “Terrorists”, for example the Freedom Fighters of Palestine and Kashmir. Palestinians are fighting to get their country back and the Kashmir’s are fighting to avoid the harsh rule by Indian military. The situation is damaging the freedom struggle and is causing hatred for United States. The legitimate right of freedom struggle is denied and the oppressing states are favored by United States.
In the contrast of all above mentioned details United States tries to cover all these faults on part of its Policy by giving aid to Muslim countries. Some time United States help the Muslim countries in those interest which does not clash with United States own interests. This is an account of United States policy towards Muslim World.
Over all United States has a negative policy towards Muslims and is clearly viewed by Muslims all around the World.

Statement of problem

We are trying to investigate United States Foreign, military, economic policies etc towards Muslims. United States policy before and after the 9/11 towards Muslims. Also During the period of Cold War. The United States view over Terrorism and how Muslims view United States policy. I tried to look over the United States view towards the conflict of Palestine and the fact that they never pressurized Israel over increasing weapons industry. The problems which I faced in my research is that I was easily able to find and read data over Muslims view towards United States policy but I did not succeeded in finding United States view, they never mentioned their direct interest. People of United States think that their policy is for the betterment of Muslims but at the same time United States fear the Unity of Muslims. The data was bias. It is a vast topic and I felt difficult to summarize it. Some of the Muslims Countries were supporting United States policy and other were against it, so it was difficult to put Muslim countries together.

Research Question

• Question number One, Why United States want to implement the New World order and what are its strategies?

• Question number two, What are and were the plans of United States to fulfill its oil needs?

• Question number Three, How and Why United States protect Israel?

• Question number four, What was the excuse given by United States officials to attack Iraq and what was the United States interest?

• Question number five, What are the double standards of United States towards Muslims Countries?

• Question number six, Do United States play a role in the disunity of Muslims?

• Question number seven, How United States is using the Word “terrorism” to fulfill its interest?

• Question number eight, Why United States is pressuring more on Iraq Nuclear issue then North Korean Nuclear project?

• Answer of Question number one, United States want to implement the New World Order because it want to remain Super power for longer period, to have influence over the World and to gain more and more economic growth. Its main strategies have been to divide big nations which have the capacity to emerge as a Super power for example the Unity of Muslims, blocking China economically and militarily. United States made the new map of the World for its own interest.
• Answer of Question number two, United states economy is heavily dependent on oil, its strategies are to gain the control of oil resources, by military occupation for example Iraq, it also has military in Arab countries. United States keeps control of the countries of oil resources. United States keeps on checking the sea roots of oil transportation.
• Answer of Question number three, United States consider Israel as their first ally, it all the time receive support from Israel. A number of Jews traveled to United States to during the Holocaust. Jews in United States are at higher positions are very strong financially and economically, most of the political parties in United States take fund from Jews for election and therefore support them. This may be the reason for a positive Policy to Israel by the side of United States.
• Answer of Question number four, The excuse given by the United States is “weapons of mass destruction” that Iraq was making atomic and chemical weapons. Another excuse was that Saddam Hussain was not for the betterment of Iraqi people. The main interest of United States behind it was the need of oil and for the security of Israel.
• Answer of Question number five, United States emphasizes on the Democracy for every country but at the same time it support the leaders of other Nation who are for the benefit of United States for example United States is supporting Pervez Mushraf to be Pakistani leader to carry on the fight against terrorism. United States named the freedom fighters as “Terrorists” for example Palestinians. United States also supported freedom fighters against Soviet Union at a time for example Afghanis.
• Answer of Question number six, United States fear the Unity of Muslims that it may not become compete table them. We have example of Iraq-Iran War when United States was supplying weapons to both in return of oil, United States themselves made Saddam Hussain to attack Iran. United States support those Muslim Leaders who have liberal and secularist thoughts and provoke enmity between Muslim leaders.
• Answer of Question number seven, United States want to interfere in Muslim territories and is degrading Muslims in all over the World. It is spreading the misconception of Islam and is applying for European support for its own interest.
• Answer of Question number eight, Main reason may be that Iran is a Muslim Country. United States want to suppress Muslim countries and want the key hold of oil resources of Iran. United States want to protect Israel.

Literature Review 2005 Bradley L. Bowman
To fully appreciate the degree to which US Cold War policy in Saudi Arabia neglected American idealist values, one must understand the condition of political rights and civil liberties in Saudi Arabia during the Cold War. While no country, including the United States exhibited a perfect human rights record during the Cold War, Saudi Arabia represented one of the most authoritarian and oppressive regimes in the world. Even Jimmy Carter a President renowned for his emphasis on human rights and democracy failed to assertively press the Saudis to implement domestic reforms. Human rights violations as torture, arbitrary arrest or imprisonment, or the denial of basic civil and political liberties such as freedom of thought, of religion, of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of movement. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia violated every one of these human rights precepts. Despite this idealist emphasis, however, the Carter Administration evidently never attempted to assertively promote human rights or democracy in Saudi Arabia. During the Carter Administration, one finds an uncomfortable dissonance between American idealist values and actual US policy toward Saudi Arabia. The United States did not pressure Saudi Arabia in any assertive or consistent way to reform politically because American leaders did not believe political reform in Saudi Arabia was a strategic interest for the United States during the Cold War. Arabia enumerated the main strategic interests of the United States in Saudi Arabia. According to the memorandum, the United States sought a strong and independent Saudi Arabian government that would not be susceptible to political penetration. Second, the United States sought continued control of and access to the vast oil resources of Saudi Arabia. More than four years later, in 1949, Secretary of State Acheson repeated these priorities in a top secret telegram to the American consulate in Dhahran, writing that the United States is vitally interested in Saudi independence, development of resources, and resistance to the spread of communist doctrine.Time and again, public and confidential primary sources throughout the Cold War demonstrate that the US interests in Saudi Arabia were essentially anticommunism and oil. The United States sought unlimited access to Saudi oil, and US leaders believed that reliable access to Saudi oil depended on a friendly Saudi Arabia free of internal instability and communist influence. Today, as the United States faces somewhat analogous questions regarding US realist interests and idealist values in the wider Middle East, it is worth examining whether the communist threat to Saudi Arabia genuinely necessitated a US policy that failed to implement US values. As early as January 1945, top level US officials expressed concerns regarding the threat of communism in Saudi Arabia. While the Americans and Soviets were still fighting as allies against Nazi Germany, US diplomats expressed grave concerns regarding the Soviet threat to Saudi Arabia. US officials worried that the Soviet Union would take advantage of political instability to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia and potentially deny US access to Saudi oil.
Analysis: Every country has its own culture and so, its own human rights. There is a huge difference in the culture of Western and Eastern countries. United States wanted to impose their human rights in Saudi Arab but they failed in front of Saudi record.
Agha Shahi
Dr. Condoleezza Rice, observed, an earthquake of the magnitude of 9/11 can shift the tectonic plates of international politics, this is a period not just of grave danger, but of enormous opportunity. According to the National Security Strategy of the United States, Our comprehensive strategy to combat Weapons of Mass Destruction includes proactive counter proliferation efforts. We must deter and defend against the threat before it is unleashed. We cannot let our enemies strike first. The overlap between states that sponsor terror and those that pursue WMD compels us to action. To forestall or prevent such hostile acts by our adversaries, the United States will, if necessary, act preemptively. The United States will not use force in all cases to preempt emerging threats, nor should nations use preemption as a pretext for aggression. The BJP’s fascination with Zionism is rooted in Islamophobia , and hyper nationalism. Its ideology is Sharon’s machismo and ferocious jingoism. It sees Hindus and Jews as forming a strategic alliance against Islam and Confucianism. On terrorism, the National Security Strategy document spells out, inter alia, US determination to, destroy any terrorist, or state sponsor of terror, which attempts to gain or use weapons of mass destruction, to exercise our right of self defence by acting preemptively against such terrorists, denying further sponsorship, support, and sanctuary to terrorists by convincing or compelling states to accept their sovereign responsibilities, make clear that all acts of terrorism are illegitimate, support moderate and modern governments, especially in the Muslim world, to ensure conditions and ideologies that promote terrorism do not find fertile ground in any nation. By declaring all acts of terrorism illegitimate, the US Kashmir is an outstanding example of the legitimacy of the struggle for self determination. Pakistan and the countries of the third world condemn terrorism while considering liberation struggles to be legitimate. The war on terror in which Pakistan is a key ally of the United States, is being confused by a section of the world media as a war against Islam, even though Bush and Blair have been at pains to repulse the notion that the war on terror is a war against Islam. Nevertheless, some prominent political and religious personalities in the US and Europe seem to think that there is an organic link between Islam and terrorismrejects the right of resistance against foreign occupation and alien subjugation. A part of the new conservative intelligentsia in Washington is trying to turn the Bush administration’s war against terrorism into a war against Muslim civilisation and the Islamic religion against the second largest community on earth with more than a billion adherents in six continents.
Analysis: For United States 9/11 proved to be positive and it was for no favor of Muslims. United States is doing whatever match there interest by using the word “Terrorism”. United States attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, there are NATO forces on the borders of Iran and Pakistan and keep on doing Air bombardment in Fata, an area of Pakistan. United States has military in many of the Arab countries to fulfill its interests. United States now a days warning Iran over the Nuclear Issue and is warning Syria over Terrorism. Muslim freedom fighters suffered a lot due to these acts of United States, Kashmiri struggle is against the unjust Indians and Palestinians are called Terrorist because they want to get back there country. Bush named it the War of Crusades.
Ahmad Faruqui, Daily Times
In the eyes of the ordinary American, the US should be the most admired nation in the Muslim world. After all, it wants to bring the good things of life to the Muslim world: democracy, peace and economic growth. While the US strategy toward the Muslim world is indeed founded on these ideals, what has led to rampant antiAmericanism is the series of double standards that have attended its implementation. There is a double standard in removing weapons of mass destruction. The US has not questioned Israel’s right to have them, because in its view, Israel would only use them in justifiable self defense.
Analysis: Muslim World has its own ideas and principles while Americans have their own. The things which are considered small in American’s eyes are large on Muslim’s point of view. American policy of protecting Israel is not tolerable for Muslims. Recently when Israel attacked Lebanon, Hezbollah fired few rockets on Israel while Israel’s open aggression was apparent to whole world. Hundreds of Lebanese were killed. U.S provided Israel, missile defence system and cruise missiles. While U.S not pressurizing Israel properly to stop its aggression against an independent state. Iraq war was essential to remove weapons of mass destruction and U.S is also warning Iran. While Israel has been provided Weapons and atomic technology by U.S.
Zia Ur Rehman Hashmi.
Currently, taking on international terrorism is a prime US concern in the South Asian region. In the post-Cold War period, the eradication of the terrorism menace forms an important part of the new focus in American global strategy. The rise of militancy, the existence of extremist forces and the steady growth of hostile ideological rivals in different parts of South Asia, have formulated into perceptions of terrorist threats to the US. The recently released annual report of the US State Department on international terrorism has reached the conclusion that the main theatre of global terrorist activity has shifted to South Asia. That the threat of terrorism assumes more dangerous dimensions by the recent technological advancements. There can be no two opinions about the fact that if left unattended, globalize terrorism will pose threats to peace and security, anywhere and everywhere in the world. Questions are being increasingly raised over the rise of the Madrassah culture in Pakistan, and which see Pakistan’s moral and political support to the Kashmiri Mujahideen as an interlinked development. The US is now increasingly confusing freedom fighters and religious students as terrorists. In recent official statements, it has failed to differentiate between those who have resorted to arms for freedom and those who intend to perpetuate anarchical tyranny. Some experts on South Asian affairs have expressed serious reservations regarding American perceptions about international terrorism. According to a well-known political analyst, the discussion of violence, in the document Patterns of Global Terrorism, issued by the office of the Secretary of State in Washington, is deeply flawed by a total absence of any reference to the injustices, of what is still being done to the Muslims in areas as diverse as Chechnya and Kashmir, and the degradation that fuels the fires of resistance and violence and counter violence. The document is a serious setback to efforts to institute a dialogue between the world of Islam, facing its own internal dilemmas, and the West, that seeks to camouflage the deeds of oppressors like the Russian State and India, with the skewed semantics of one sided reports. Kashmir’s liberation struggle against the illegal and unjust Indian occupation does not amount to flying the flag of terrorism. Similarly, those who are reading and propagating the religion of Allah are by no means terrorist elements. As has been suggested by a reputed international law expert of Pakistan, there is a need for greater and close cooperation on the terrorism issue. Pakistan and the United States need to work together on a long term basis to root out terrorism from this region, instead of the latter focusing all its energies on the extradition of Osama Bin Laden. Even some western scholars like Jessica Stern, agree that there should be a collective response to the problem of terrorist activities in South Asia. In her article published in Foreign Affairs, she said that the United States has asked Pakistan to crack down on the militant groups and to close certain Madrassahs, but that America must do more than just scold. After all, the United States, along with Saudi Arabia, helped create the first international jihad to fight the Soviet Union during the Afghan war.
Analysis: United States is miss-judging the difference between freedom fighters and Terrorists. United States helped the Mujaheeden in Kashmir against Russia with help of Pakistani government. These Mujaheeden were heroes for them and now these are Terrorist. Pakistani government failed to control the extremism in the religion and the healthy Jihad for example the bomb blast in London.
Washington has operated in the Middle East as if the only objective of its policy is to identify Iraq as its Public Enemy Number one. US has both vilified and courted Middle East at one time or another. The defining issues however, have almost always been Israel, terrorism and access to cheap oil. Several views have dominated US perceptions when dealing with the Middle East. The underlying argument has been simple and has been told time and again by Washington's regime allies in the Arab world, pro-US liberal and Arab intellectuals, conservative and liberal US intellectuals and former politicians, and even leftist Arab and American activists who support Palestinian rights, namely, that absent the pro Israel lobby, America would at worst no longer contribute to the oppression of Arabs and Palestinians and at best it would be the Arabs and the Palestinians best ally and friend. Let me start with the premise of the argument, namely its effect of shifting the blame for US policies from the United States onto Israel and its US lobby. According to this logic, it is not the United States that should be held directly responsible for all its imperial policies in the Arab world and the Middle East at large since World War II, rather it is Israel and its lobby who have pushed it to launch policies that are detrimental to its own national interest and are only beneficial to Israel. Establishing and supporting Arab and other Middle East dictatorships, arming and training their militaries, setting up their secret police apparatuses and training them in effective torture methods and counter-insurgency to be used against their own citizens should be blamed, according to the logic of these studies, on Israel and its US lobby.
Blocking all international and UN support for Palestinian rights, arming and financing Israel in its war against a civilian population, protecting Israel from the wrath of the international community should also be blamed not on the United States, the studies insist, but on Israel and its lobby. Additionally, and in line with this logic, controlling Arab economies and finances, dominating key investments in the Middle East, and imposing structural adjustment policies by the IMF and the World Bank which impoverish the Arab peoples should also be blamed on Israel, and not the United States. Finally, starving and then invading Iraq, threatening to invade Syria, raiding and then sanctioning Libya and Iran, besieging the Palestinians and their leaders must also be blamed on the Israeli lobby and not the US government. Indeed, over the years, many pro-US Arab dictators let it leak officially and unofficially that their US diplomat friends have told them time and again how much they and America support the Arab world and the Palestinians were it not for the influence of the pro Israel lobby sometimes identified by the American diplomats in more explicit ethnic terms.
Analysis: In this article, all the flaws of American policy against the interests of Muslim world are mentioned as a product of Israeli lobby in US. Israeli lobby in US is very powerful and it shapes US policy in Israel’s favor that’s a fact but US officials are the ones who shapes policy of their country and it is a flaw of US democratic culture. They are to be blamed. These policies are creating gaps and hatred for US and its public in the Muslim world.
Abdul Mahdi Abdallah
Anti-American hatred is enflamed mainly by U.S. economical, political and military support for Israel, which has enabled it to defeat and humiliate the Arabs. its military bases in a number of Arab countries, and its campaign against Islam The Arab perception of the American position is that it is completely supportive of Israel and that America always adopts Israel's point of view in this conflict. Many Arabs see the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq as part of a U.S. effort to protect Israel as well as to obtain oil for itself. On the first count, Arab political figures say that the U.S. administration condemns the killing of Israelis by Palestinian but not the other way around.They add that the United States uses double standards when dealing with the question of nuclear weapons in Israel and the Arab world since the United States has never brought Israel's capabilities to the attention of the UN nor initiated sanctions against Israel for its unconventional weapons programs, though it has done both against Arab states. The Arab public sees U.S. positions in the Arab Israeli conflict as biased and feels the U.S. government is not an honest broker in the conflict. The question that the Arabs have continuously asked themselves for the last half-century is why the United States provides Israel with such generous political, economic and military support. The answer that has been given to them is that the West and especially America created Israel and that Israel was their only reliable strategic alliance against the Soviet bloc during the Cold War and is still their outpost in their efforts to control the area. What is not mentioned is that America is also committed to the security and existence of many Arab regimes and provides them with military and economic aid. But the Arab people don't appreciate U.S. economic and military aid to those countries because they believe that U.S. aid simply supports those undemocratic regimes and not the countries people. Of course, Arab regimes and Arab media do not discuss U.S. aid to their own countries very much, and this has led many to think that a large part of this aid eventually ends up in the private accounts of corrupt members of the regimes. The United States has pursued what were perceived to be hostile and aggressive policies towards many Arab countries, such as its air strikes against Libya, Sudan and Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of many innocent Arab civilians. This is in addition to its invasion and occupation of Iraq on false premises, its political and economic sanctions against Iraq, Libya, Syria and Sudan, and its allegedly inhuman treatment of Arab and Muslim prisoners especially in Camp X-ray, the Guantanamo Bay detention center. The scene of heavily chained prisoners led and guarded by armed solders with their heads pushed down was portrayed as outrageous and cruel. This is also in addition to reports of the American government's discrimination against its own Arab and Muslim citizens, especially after the September 11th attacks. Thousands of Arabs and Muslims were reported to have been detained or mistreated due solely to their ethnicity or religion, which was perceived as the result of a racist policy. The Arab media reported that, as a result of this policy, thousands of Arabs quit their studies or work and returned to their countries preaching anti-Americanism. U.S. embassies in the Arab world refused to give visas to many Arab citizens and there was reportedly mistreatment of Arabs at U.S. airports. The United States was also said to be carrying out media campaigns against Islam. It is worth noting here that U.S. involvement in the Iraq issue in the 1990s came as a response to a request from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, who then invited the U.S. armed forces into their respective countries. Egyptian, Syrian, and GCC units fought under the leadership of U.S. forces in the 1991 war against Iraq, and the GCC countries financed a majority of that war. U.S. sanctions against Iraq, it is claimed, were enacted on behalf of the GCC countries in order to weaken the Iraqi regime and to reduce its threat to those countries. In return, the GCC countries provided America with bases and logistical support to fly over Iraq during the 1990s. The tectonic events of the past three years including September 11 and the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond have dramatically affected the Muslim world and attitudes toward the United States.
Analysis: Israeli lobby is very strong in United States; some political parties of United States take fund from Jews to launch the campaign of their election. Most of the political parties support the views and the ideas of Israel. United States do what ever Israel want for its security. United States also have its interest of oil in the Middle East which is the largest oil resources area in the World. United States attacked Iraq, Afghanistan and is warning Syria and Iran for the security of Israel. Jews does not allow United States to turn their policy positive to the Arab countries. According to Muslims United States has a negative policy towards the dispute of Arab and Israel. United States only aid the Arab countries because it match with their interest of oil, they now that the Arab countries are heavily dependent on the technology from America.
Research results
Much has been made in the United States media of the Syrian and Iranian origin weaponry used by Hezbollah in the escalating violence in Israel and Lebanon. There has been no parallel discussion of the origin of Israel's weaponry, the vast bulk of which is from the United States. The United States is the primary source of Israel's far superior arsenal. For more than 30 years, Israel had been the largest recipient of United States foreign assistance and since 1985 Jerusalem has received about 3 billion in military and economic aid each year from Washington. United States aid accounts for more than 20% of Israel's total defense budget. Over the past decade, the United States has transferred more than $17 billion in military aid to this country of just under 7 million people. Israel is one of the United States' largest arms importers. Between 1996 and 2005 the last year for which full data is available, Israel took delivery of 10.19 billion in United States weaponry and military equipment, including more than 8.58 billion through the Foreign Military Sales program, and another 1.61 billion in Direct Commercial Sales. During the Bush administration, from 2001 to 2005, Israel received 10.5 billion in Foreign Military Financing the Pentagon's biggest military aid program and 6.3 billion in United States arms deliveries. The aid figure is larger than the arms transfer figure because it includes financing for major arms agreements for which the equipment has yet to be fully delivered. The most prominent of these deals is a 4.5 billion sale of 102 Lockheed Martin F-16s to Israel. Given the billions of dollars of aid it provides to Israel every year and the central role of United Sates supplied weaponry in the Israeli arsenal, the United States has considerable leverage that it could use to promote a cease fire in the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah before more Israeli and Lebanese civilians were killed and displaced. President Bush needed to go beyond vague calls for restraint to demands for a cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah, bringing in other key actors in the region, including Iran and Syria. Due to this weaponry trade the balance of arm in the Middle East became unbalanced. This is what is causing hatred towards United States in the Muslim World. Before Iraq War, United States officials reported blaming Saddam Husain for preparing weapons of Mass destruction. Now they confess, United States failed to find weapons of mass destruction. This was a false excuse given to the World. United States together with Britain wanted to fulfill their oil needs by occupying Iraq. Iraq produces ten percent of oil in the World. Iraqi public are left alone to die while United States and its allies are enjoying the benefits of oil.
During the Egyptian and Israeli War in 1973, former Egyptian President Anwar-El-Sadat reported in his book “In search of identity” that a large number of Israeli troops were surrounded by Egyptian troops and were in a position to surrender or die, United States intervened and warned president Sadat that if Egypt does not free Israeli soldiers, United States will strike at Egypt.
These are some of the evidences that support the idea that United States has a negative policy towards Muslim World.
The study is an attempt to provide an update into the current status of the United States policy towards Muslim World. It focuses on the major current strategic objectives of America to fulfill their interest. The aim is to analyze the issues and obstacles the United States faces, in the pursuit of its broad policy goals in the parts of the Muslim world.
After the extinction of the Soviet communist threat, the United States has come into the global forefront as the most powerful state in the world. It has certain strategic objectives aiming to enhance America’s security, bolstering its economic prosperity, and promoting democracy, peace and human rights around the world. Its policy towards Muslim World is part of its global agenda, which seeks to ensure the protection of its interests in the region. Undoubtedly, the United States Muslim World `s agenda is ambitious and wide ranging. The articulated strategic goals may help the regional countries as well. But the real success of the United States unrelenting strategic quest for the preservation and advancement of vital national interests, will be contingent upon its ability to recognize the importance of promoting understanding, constructive engagement and greater inter state cooperation in Muslim World. The September 11 attacks has brought to the fore certain European perspectives on the issue of tackling international terrorism, which are at variance with those of the Bush administration. It has shown the emergence of a European identity that has stood up to the power of its ally, the superpower the United States. The European governments insisted on a multilateral approach to various issues and that has also restrained the United States somewhat. The European Union advocates a multinational approach to issues and problems like in the case of Iraq, Middle East, the Kyoto Protocol, and the ICC. The policy of constructive engagement has also been an evident European Union trend in the post September 11 developments in the case of Iran and Palestine and to some extent in the case of Pakistan. There is also the realization for a more active political and diplomatic role of the European Union countries with the regions of strategic importance. European Union will continue to play an important partner role with the United States in the war against terror in matters related to policing, financial operations and intelligence sharing.
Oil and gas resources, which at present are the major cause of contention and competition among the big powers United States, Russia, and China, if exploited fully can fulfill the energy demands of these states, as well as bring economic to progress to these countries. United States is dealing and providing technology to the Middle East because it has the interest in their oil resources. Despite all these multiple problems the three big powers United States, Russia, and China, for the first time in the post World War II period, in practical terms, have achieved some informal consensus regarding the future. For example, all three big powers are committed to root out terrorism, which is a destabilizing factor for the entire region. One may only wish that these powers are able to cooperate on the oil and gas pipeline issue, which is presently the major bone in their policy. Muslims are totally not satisfied with these attempts by United States. Muslims argue that united States always fulfill their interest and degrade Muslims to win the European support.

United States must maintain internal balance in the World, each and every country should be treated equally by United Nations. Whatever United States mention, they need to satisfy those needs but not to use them as a weapon to fulfill there main interest. United States need to behave in same way to Muslims as it behave with other Nations, For example these days United States is making greater issue of Iran Nuclear power then North Korea.
Western Media should not degrade Muslims and specially the religion Islam. United States need to be cleared the difference between Terrorist and the Freedom Fighters. United States have to support Democracy in true sense but not for their own interest. United States can create its value by helping all the underdeveloped countries equally, especially in modern education and in becoming a better citizen. As a super power United States should solve the major issues between some countries for example Arab Israeli conflict, Issue of Kashmir etc. The Palestinians are suffering a lot from Israeli rule, United States need to take it into account.
There is hatred in the hearts of Muslims towards United States, in order to maintain the internal balance United States need to correct their negative policy towards Muslims. There is need to reconstruct United Nation because it has failed to maintain peace in the World, there should be a balanced power for the underdeveloped Nations. If United States does not have its military in many other Nations, then it should not have military in Muslim countries also, especially in Middle East for the interest of oil. United States have to manage Iraq and Afghanistan effectively and have to respect their religion and culture because United States has the control of these states. In fact all the religions and cultures in the World deserve respect from every Nation, United States need to ensure it, if any one violet it there should be a penalty.
There is another way of getting rid of the control by United States and that is the Muslim Unity and it has to be effective. Muslim countries can solve their disputes on their own; they need not to involve any super power. There should be Unity between all oil trade countries, oil can be used as weapons for counterattack to United States, and this weapon was effectively used at the time of war between Israel and Arab countries. There should be a democratic government in the Muslim countries. Muslim countries can increase Unity by encouraging trade in the Muslim World. Muslim countries have to struggle together to wash out Terrorism. Islamic punishments should be used against Terrorism. There should be modern education for the new generation and Muslims should avoid extremism.
To fulfill these wishes of Muslims we would have to look at past, how Muslims in past ruled the World at different times. Muslims used to attract people of other religion by there good conduct and were regarded by there generous treatment to others and to each other.
These days many Muslims are not following the exact teachings of Islam which has become the key problem now a day.

Author Note

I am trying to research a very well known and an important topic of these days, United States policy towards Muslim after 9/11. I discovered the American policy towards Israel and Palestine. In most of my research I gave the Muslim Point of view over American policy. I learned many new things which were not in my knowledge by working on this topic.
I came to know the importance and influence of Israeli lobby over United Sates political parties and the fact that a heavy amount of weapons are being transferred to Israel by United States and there excuse is that they trust Israel. United States is in the process of fulfilling Israel’s wants, United States obeys Israeli thoughts and what I came to known is that the Mastermind behind these all reactions is Israel but not United States. My view over the American struggle War against Terrorism was positive but after deep study I recognized that United States is confusing Terrorists with the Freedom Fighters of Kashmir and Palestine. I observed the fact that United States never mentions their actual targets and has always achieved them by tricks and by lying. I experienced the devotion of suicide bombers, they are fed up of the Policies of United States and are fed up of being called Terrorists and by the harsh treatment by United States and Israel, and example is that the whole World is witnessing the treatment of Palestinians.
I got to know that United States is having conflict with every Muslim country on the World, for example Killing of General Zia-u- Haq and Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto was the interference by Central Intelligence of America. United States is playing a genuine role in Disuniting the Muslim World. For example there was no problem of Sunnis and Shias in Iraq before the Iraq War and United States who presently is the leader of Iraq is showing no concern to stop it. United States always talk about terrorism, what Israel and the United States is doing to Palestinians is not an act of Terrorism? Palestinians are living in a small area and are suffering from the bombardment of Israeli Air force.
In my research I read different foreign magazines and newspapers from libraries which was a new experience. I also learned a lot about different Muslim countries, about their history and politics and the grouping of the Muslim World. Many Muslim leaders are supporting United States for the security of their own job, leadership, which is a shock for Muslims. I came to know about the public views of Muslims all around World and also some of the views of non-Muslims, for example Europeans also do not support United States over the war of Iraq.
I got the information of different military technology which United States has, for example during the War of Egypt and Israel, United States use to tell Israel that were is Egypt’s army through pictures from satellite. United States has also a technology which can be used to turn of the engine of flying Fighter planes by some rays. There are number of other technologies and other things which I learned during research.

End Notes

In my research, I made more use of the Internet, read some articles.

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